Tower Lights

Macro Construction Equipment offers machine attachment that will provide the specific requirement of customer's working need.

Wanco Tower Lights

Wanco Tower Light has High-output fixtures feature a high-intensity parabolic reflector that increases illumination and creates a brighter, more uniform light pattern. The result is greater visibility and improved safety for workers. For fast job-site setup and less downtime, each light fixture can be aimed independently without the use of tools and the fixtures stay in place once positioned. 

Wanco has created a unique innovation that greatly improves serviceability. For complete access to the engine, generator and electrical components, Wanco Diesel Light Towers feature a hinged top panel that rises with the mast when maintenance is required. No other light tower makes engine access this easy. The gull-wing side doors may be opened while the maintenance panel is raised, further enhancing access

Macro Tower Lights

Portable light towers are ideal for wide-area outdoor lighting in a variety of
Construction, commercial and special event applications. Macro Light Towers
feature four 1000-watt light fixtures atop a 30-foot variable-height mast.