Sumitomo Excavators and Asphalt Pavers

The world knows that Japanese designed and engineered products represent the highest quality, especially for Industrial Products. SUMITOMO hydraulic excavators and pavers are no exception when a totally integrated concept is required in design work involving key components, manufacturing engineering, and product quality assurance in the factory. Sumitomo products are designed and manufactured to meet the global demands of customers with the concept of Performance, Reliability, and Fuel Efficiency foremost in our minds. This proven Japanese technology and quality gives SUMITOMO products customers total peace of mind and provide a complete solution for the demands of the construction industry.


Flagship model of Sumitomo 20 Ton class. The advantage of Hydraulic Excavator "LEGEST" (Legest is a coined word which represents legerity and strong performance of SUMITOMO Hydraulic excavators)

 20 ton class is the Efficient Fuel and have passed many tests. This class excavator awarded in the field of energy conservation "Top Choice for Energy Conservation" awarded by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry of Japan and awards in the field of design "Good Design Award"


MACAN meaning “tiger” in Indonesian and Malay languages has a strong traction power. Strong and stable running in marshland, strong traction power to slide, Macan have Boom, Arm and Bucket strengthened using steel plate that is thicker so it is tough in all fields. 


Sumitomo 13 Ton class hydraulic excavator is no exception when a total integration concept is required in design work involving key components, manufacturing engineering, and product quality assurance in the factory.



Included in the 7.5 ton class, SH75X-3B offers reliable performance for rotation in narrow areas with minimum swing radius and has excellent stability and power. Equipped with turbo intercooler engine, this model is more efficient in the use of fuels.


With its long arm, SH210LC-5LR which belongs to a class of 20 tons can work on areas that are difficult to reach, increasing its productivity and work efficiency. In addition SH210LC-5LR also has the same engine with 20 ton class standards, making it more fuel efficient.


Sumitomo’s Dash 5 model is a big step forward from its previous models, and the SH240-5 excavator is a delight to operate with increased output and torque plus reduced fuel consumption, smooth hydraulics, plenty of room around the filters for easy service, and comfortable and modern cab.


SH350HD-5 which belong in the 35 ton class, has Arm, Boom and Bucket and side protector that is applicable specifically to the type of heavy-duty jobs in rough terrain.


Completing the product line up in 48 tons class, SH480LHD-5 has strong performance coming from its solid and strengthened bucket, applicable in the mining and earth moving sector.


With emphasis on toughness, SH800LHD-5 is able to work for the kind of super-heavy-duty jobs. Boom and arm are equipped with a more powerful bucket. Its high durability makes the SH800LHD-5 tough with optimal performance.

Asphalt Paver

Sumitomo Asphalt Paver with crawler is already very well known for the construction of roads around the world with very good results. Sumitomo Asphalt Paver is very well known throughout the world for their performance in road construction, with the result that is equitable and satisfactory.