Compressors and Generators

Macro Construction Equipment offers a wide variety of Airman a 100% japanese generators and compressors. All generator models are equipped with maintenance-free brushless alternators, high generating performance allows to minimize deflection of output wave form and hold voltage regulation within ± 0.5%. and it has Emergency stop devices and leakage circuit are installed as standard.

Airman compressor’s main features are compact structure, low noise, excellent performance and easy maintenance. They are made with the highest standards to deliver reliable air power where ever it is required.

Airman Air Compressor

Airman Compressor PDS390

Airman Generator 25 KVA

25 KVA Generator

Airman Generator 45 KVA

45 KVA Generator

Airman Generator 60 KVA

60 KVA Generator

Airman Generator 150 KVA

150 KVA Generator

Airman Generator 220 KVA

220 KVA Generator